How to Hide Email Notifications From iPhone or iPad Lock Screen

Many iPhone and iPad users are excited with the release of iOS 5. There are many tips available for customizing the notification settings that iOS 5 offers. We will discuss one of such tips to help you hide email notifications from iPhone or iPad lock screen.

Many users might not like to have email notifications pop up on the lock screen of their iPhone, especially in case of personal emails. If you are one of such person who receives lot of emails and doesn’t want email notifications to pop up on your lock screen, than this article may guide you in the resolution of this problem. There is a way that makes it possible for you to hide your emails from the lock screen.

How to hide your mail from the Lock Screen in iOS 5

  1. Settings: First, go to the settings tab on your device.
  2. Notifications: After clicking on settings tab, click on notifications. Your iPhone will display notification settings on the screen.
  3. Select Mail: You may have different apps listed on the screen, choose “Mail” and proceed.
  4. View in Lock screen: Now you can see an option labeled “View on lock screen”, turn this feature off.
  5. Done.

Mail notifications popping up on the lock screen can become very irritating on iPhone 4S if you receive lot of emails. You may also do not want your personal emails to pop up in front of other people if you share your iPhone with your family and friends. If you want your iPhone to keep your privacy, these mail notifications may become a headache for you. You can now easily change your notification settings as described in the above method to the old days like of iPhone3G where you can only see mail notifications as a badge.

If you are a new user of iOS 5, you must have noticed that iOS 5 brings lot of changes as compare to older versions. One of these changes supported by iOS 5 is an option to change and customize your notifications as it was not available in older iOS versions. In older versions, as soon as you reply to tweets or emails, you receive a notification message on your screen. This becomes very disturbing for users who frequently send and receive emails. This notification disrupts your current work unless you either view that message or cancel the dialogue.

Using the tip mentioned in this article, you can easily resolve this problem with your iPhone 4S. iOS 5 is a relief for many users who were trying to get rid of unwelcome mail notifications in iPhone 4S. The changes offered by iOS 5 provides you with an option to control your email notifications by tweaking the settings from notification center. You can also change the way you want to receive notification, like you can get banner like notifications that let you continue work without any interruption. You can also hide or remove notifications for some apps in your iPhone.

If you have any question or want to share something about this article, please let us know by commenting below.

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