How To Create A Shopping List on iPhone Using Siri

The iPhone 4S-exclusive Siri feature is a smash hit adoring item in the marketplace at the moment.  It not only understands what you say and knows what you mean but also helps you accomplish you every day tasks by issuing commands to Siri.

Raising the slogan- your wish is its command; Siri inaugurates an exciting and exclusive feature for shopping lovers. Siri, the personal assistant, now enables you to create a Shopping list on iPhone by commanding it with your voice. Such a proactive trait of Siri helps you create a shopping catalog without typing a word. You can edit, view or update your digital list anytime.

Create A Shopping List on iPhone Using Siri:

Let’s have a glance at how you can create a Shopping List on iPhone using Siri:

Step 1. In order to set up a list in the Reminders app, hit the list editor icon in the top left hand corner of the main screen (looks like three lines). Then tap the edit button, and select the Create New List option.

Step 2. Entitle your list with a name (for example, lets name it as Grocery) and hit the Done button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Step 3. After creating your list, quit the Reminders app. Stimulate Siri and insert items (add milk) to your list by instructing it via your voice command. For example you can say “Siri add Milk to the Grocery List” and Siri will prompt you for confirmation to do so. It facilitates you to open up Reminders to view and edit the list at anytime. It is to be noted that Siri does not split multiple items (for example if you say “add bread and cheese to the Grocery list”, it adds them as a single item).

In contrast to other list-makers, Reminders app is not a full-featured application but it creates your list in a competent and easy way.

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