An Overview of Cydia – Everything that you Need to Know

Cydia creates impulses when we talk of iPhones. According to an opinion, iPhones and other iOS devices were not so much celebrated before it. It allows people to install wide-ranging apps offered by different developers. It has also been said that it is used to hack iPhone in order to customize the phone. A lot of other opinions have yet been put forth. We are here to answer what is Cydia in reality.

Cydia — What it is?

Cydia is similar to the for iPhones. If you have experienced, it will be quite easier for you to use Cydia which is a moderator, and an independent installer of jailbroken apps. Cydia has a bucket filled with apps up to the brim, free of cost, similar to Apple’s iTunes Store. It is a giant storehouse offering apps from several sources for your iPhone so you feel surprise to have umpteen preferences to select from that collection.

Cydia is not just a depository of Apps. It actually is an iTunes Store for Jailbroken iPhones.

Whats Different with Cydia?

It is to be clarified that Apple iTunes App has a lot of limitations . Many hardcore iPhone fanatics have experienced difficulties while downloading and installing their favorite apps with the iTunes. Apart from that, many applications on App Store are costly and have nothing to do with the productivity of your iPhone.

Most of the times you might be looking for a specific application rather than any application that comes in front of you while scrolling App Store’s interface in iPod/iPhone/iPad. The officials say that the App Store is serving 400,000+ applications to the consumers. That is a lot of apps to search from. Therefore, sometimes users are not able to find a specific application through App Store. Cydia boosts iOS by providing an advanced online application searching capability, hassle free installation and off course it costs nothing too.

After you have installed Cydia i.e., jailbreak your iOS device, you will be scrolling through millions of applications that are available online for free and allows your device to be even more productive. In Cydia, there are some applications, developed by Cydia developers, especially focusing on advanced usage. These applications need to be purchased on dirt cheap prices. Besides that, Cydia has an inbuilt repository for catalogues of reliable application sources available online to enhance its searching capability. Through different repository sources you can find millions of applications and games in one go.

Cydia and Jailbreak – What is Cydia for iPhone?

You will need to jailbreak your iPhone in order to successfully install Cydia. Most people think that it will screw their iOS and it can never be rolled back to previous non-jailbreak condition. For such people, it must be clarified that Cydia is just an application like any other application you may install from Apple’s App store and hence can be uninstalled just as any other app. The only difference is that Cydia can only be installed on Jailbroken iOS devices and hence does not meet the terms and conditions of Apple’s application certification. This is the only reason you need to install Cydia from another interface i.e., you need to jailbreak your phone first.

Once it is installed in your iOS, it gives you a wide variety of applications which can enhance the internal capabilities of your iOS e.g., themes, layouts, logos and many more features. All you need to install applications, through Cydia, is just an internet connection and a couple of touches. There are several methods and application like Redsnow etc, available online, through which you can jailbreak and install Cydia simultaneously.

The Cydia Advantage

The basic advantage of Cydia installed on your iOS device is that you are not bound to download applications from a specified link or a specified authorized store. In Cydia you can add as many repositories  as you want so that you may search applications that are available on different sources. All the application you download through Cydia are specified to a particular source where the application is actually located.

You might know that, by default, Apple does not allow the users to download the files directly to iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Another advantage of Cydia is that it allows you to download files directly onto your iOS devices through the online download links. All you need, to download files, is just a wifi or a 3G connection to establish an internet connection.

Unlike the App Store, Cydia has an inbuilt feature to install different repositories to add into its database, in order to enhance its searching capabilities. App Store on the other hand allows only those applications (either free or premium) which are certified and legally approved by Apple. Last but not the least Cydia is easy to install using many jailbreaking techniques.

Cydia and Safety

If you are think that Cydia is harmful, take a look at your requirements and available resources. If you go for App Store to download applications, either you have to pay a lot for a simple application or you have to wait for an application to be designed specifically to meet your needs. In contrast to that, Cydia provides a lot of applications to ensure not just the stability of applications but it also ensures the the reliability and authenticity of apps.

Considering safety measures, you must install the applications that are available on reliable sources or you may face trouble with malicious apps. Most of the times applications available through Cydia are authentic, but sometimes reliable sources may also provide malicious apps to be installed on your iPhone. So make sure that you only install apps from reliable repository sources on Cydia.

One thing which needs to be clarified is that Cydia is not a legal application from Apple’s point of view. So, in case of consequences that arise because of Cydia, Apple will not provide customer support.

Payments on Cydia

The Cydia payment method is different from iTunes App Store payment methods. In iTunes App Store you can purchase an app through your Apple account. But in Cydia you can choose payment methods from multiple options e.g., PayPal, Credit Card and Amazon payments. Since online payment procedures are continuously insuring the safety of user information, payments through Cydia are very safe to handle.

By now you know everything about Cydia, its benefits and its pros and cons. You can post your feedback regarding this topic whether you find this application more reliable than iTunes App Store or it was completely unreliable.


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