How To Transfer Data From Blackberry Or Android To Your iPhone

The very thought of switching between a mobile platform can cause headaches, specially for the hardcore users. The thing that worries people the most in such an exercise is the task of migrating data, settings and applications from one mobile platform such as Blackberry, Android or iPhone to another.

Fortunately for Blackberry or Android users thinking about making a switch to iPhone, the data transfer issue is not a deal breaker any longer. In this article we will explain how you can easily transfer data from your Blackberry or Android device to an iPhone. In general there are two ways to transfer data to iPhone: Via iTunes and via Google Sync. Read below for a complete step by step guide on using both of these techniques to transfer your data to an iPhone.



If you want to move your data and settings via iTunes and you have already used iTunes on Mac and Windows then it is pretty easy to use this method

  1. Just Plug in your phone into your PC and it will show the iTunes setting panel.
  2. Go through the options of what information you want to sync.
  3. Press sync

iTunes for your convenience offers you to sync multiple iOS to keep thinks more tidy and clear.

Google Sync:

Google Sync is a cloud sync which is done via Google or Gmail account. If you have already made sync to work using your account the process is quite easy to go through.

  1. Go to mail, contacts settings on your new iPhone.
  2. All you need is to do is to add your Gmail account to your new iPhone. Tap the new account and then Gmail option.
  3. You can also get Gmail up exchange if you want full push.
  4. After account verification, simply turn ON the options you like to sync.
  5. If a pop up appears saying what would like to do with the data, simply choose replace with the data of iPhone.
Have you managed to transfer your data to iPhone ? Do let us know about your experiences in the comments.
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