How to Search Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia From Notification Center Using WeeSearch

If you want to search quickly across Google, Youtube and Wikipedia from one place, WeeSearch might just be the right app for you. WeeSearch is a free Notification Center jailbreak tweak.

WeeSearch works perfectly in iOS 5 version. Although there are some things, which need to be worked out on this widget. From the face of it, WeeSearch seems to be a rushed work as Wikipedia search is currently rough around the edges.

You can check out this video for a sneak preview of how WeeSearch works.

When searching for Google and YouTube, the tweak works fine. However, when searching for Wikipedia, users have some trouble getting the searches.

Along with some missing pieces, there’s no way for you to delete the previous search term all at once. You need to delete the searches by using the delete key on the keyboard.

When searching for a term, you have to search it without spaces, for example the keyword “SteveJobs”. However, if you try to search with the term “Steve Jobs” you will not get anything.  At the same time, you can work out on this problem by using a simple “%20” where the space will normally be placed. Conversely, of course, no one would want to punch in “%20” for space.

Another piece missing on this widget is the tweaks “slim” mode which doesn’t appear on the video above.

In summary, the WeeSearch needs a little more improvement from its developers. It has a great potential, but is currently suffering from lack of some fundamental features in addition to a few imperfections that we have encountered.

If you have tried it, kindly share with us about what you think of WeeSearch.

via iDownloadBlog

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